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Tagged "Poem"

Poetry Friday: "On Sundays in Summer" by Kay Smith

It's SUMMER! OFFICIALLY! Goodbye, shoes! Hello, sandals!
Not in the office, you say? Very well. But we'll celebrate anyway!
To kick off summer, this Poetry Friday's selection is a slice of sun-dappled nostalgia, a trip back to summers past.
Please enjoy Kay Smith's "On Sundays in Summer" (from Coastlines: The Poetry of Atlantic Canada).
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Poetry Friday: "The Rubber Bathtub Duck and the Rubber Bathtub Bear" by William Bauer

Poems! They aren't always about camouflaged intentions and word-dappled landscapes and unspoken emotions!

Granted, most of them are, but still...

Anyway, this Poetry Friday we'd like to celebrate the poems that think outside the box (poemtarilly speaking), the poems that choose unusual subjects for their dark excursions into the subconscious. 

So please enjoy William Bauer's greatly enjoyable, greatly odd "The Rubber Bathtub Duck and the Rubber Bathtub Bear" (from Unsnarling String).

Read it in the tub if you wish. But don't blame us if you drop the book.

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Poetry Friday: "This is a Post Card" by Claire Harris

The Conception of Winter, Claire Harris, Goose Lane Editions, 1995

Summer is literally around the corner! It's a time of rest and vacations and fun in the sun! And post cards!

(Kids: ask your parents what post cards are. They're like paper emails!)

So we can think of no better way to celebrate this Poetry Friday than with Claire Harris' "This is a Post Card" (from The Conception of Winter).

Please enjoy! And send us a card! 

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Poetry Friday: "Out in left field for the Canadian poets' baseball league" by Michael Estok

The baseball season is in full swing! But for some, poetry holds an allure that organized sports cannot compete with.

This Poetry Friday, we turn our gaze to the fairly rare intersection of childhood, literature, and sports.

Please enjoy Michael Estok's sensitive exploration of growing up poetically inclined in a childhood community of sports enthusiasts, "Out in left field for the Canadian poets' baseball league," from his 1987 collection Paradise Garage.

Now go outside and enjoy the day. And bring some poetry along, just in case. 

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Poetry Friday: "Puffs of Smoke" by Renato Trujillo

For the first Poetry Friday of May, Renato Trujillo pushes us to face our demons with "Puffs of Smoke" (from his 1987 collection Behind the Orchestra).

Please enjoy.

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