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Tour Notes: Airborne

Airborne author Jonathan Rotondo reflects on some recent moments during his book tour. Enjoy!

If you were not looking for it, you would miss it.

The Hawkesbury East Airport sits between County Road 17 and the Ottawa River, just a few kilometres east of the town from which it takes its name. From the road, it looks like private land. There’s a mailbox serving a wooden, ranch-style home with a red roof and what look like a pair of outbuildings. A large billboard advertises a nearby campground. A small sign tacked to an unused billboard frame is the only clue to the land’s true purpose, but you’d be forgiven if you missed it.

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Daughters of Silence launching in Toronto!

"I am just happy to have a party to celebrate my novel's existence, and to be able to do so in the company of many of the people who made it possible in one way or another, from family and friends who have been a part of my writing journey since the earliest days, to people from the city’s literary and other arts scenes who I either personally know and/or who are interested to read the book and spend some time with the writer. It’s a great privilege to have a book out, and to get some personal time in with your readers, so I plan to just relax and enjoy every minute of it!"
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Rebecca Fisseha Answers Your Questions

So, rather than me writing what I hope people want to know about re: the behind-the-scenes of Daughters of Silence, I asked my IG (Instagram) posse what they want to know. Here, the questions from near and far, and my responses. 
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Ali Blythe at Canzine Vancouver

Victoria poet Ali Blythe will be a part of Canzine Vancouver this fall, reading on an engaging panel entitled, "Pain is Intimacy is Pain". Canzine, organized by our friends at Broken Pencil magazine, is a magical one-day zine fair and creative symposium full of compelling performers, unique vendors selling everything from socks to zines to limited-edition art to books and beyond!
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Slow Seconds 101

George Thomas Taylor (1838-1913) was a Fredericton-born photographer whose work offers a fascinating glance into nineteenth-century New Brunswick. For the first time ever, a curated collection of his photos will be represented in a book to be published September 24th. Here is a great introductory course on Ronald Rees and Joshua Green's Slow Seconds: The Photography of George Thomas Taylor.
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