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Poetry Friday: "Speed Dating" by Alyda Faber

This was the week of Valentine's Day, 2018. Poetry Friday obviously missed the date, but that doesn't mean Poetry Friday can't think about relationships anymore. In fact, that's all Poetry Friday ever thinks about.

Accordingly, here is Alyda Faber's "Speed Dating", from her 2016 collection Dust or Fire.


Speed Dating

What would you ask God?

What kind of question is that? 

Do you mean — is is a pickup line?

Well if it is, could you begin with something less intense?

Could we take about God's eyebrows?

We could.


Grey and black with purple streaks.


Of perplexity. Haphazardly bushy. Jolt-like.

Other body parts?


Which toe?

The little one on the left foot.


Jagged cuticle, nail badly cut, reddish toe.

Other body parts?

Do you need more?

Not really. Do you have questions?

Why do your eyebrows twitch when you look to the left?

When I look left, I'm looking at that enough?

Sort of. Do you like ellipses?


In punctuation.

I like marks of silence in speech, and places where absence marks silence.

Do you prefer the dash?

I like the dash, square brackets, space between lines, gaps within lines, page breaks.

A blank page?

No, the in-between is missing then.

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