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Poetry Friday: "Evening Song" by Mitchell Parry

Imperfect Penance, Mitchell ParryPoetry Friday! The bestest Friday of them all!

Without any more preamble, let's luxuriate in the gorgeous rhythms of Mitchell Parry's "Evening Song."

About Imperfect Penance:

  • "Mitchell Parry’s imaginative, sometimes hallucinogenic, response to Georg Trakl's hothouse family and his intimate life and times is a gut-wrenching read. Imperfect Penance takes us through a journey of incestuous desire, drug addiction, war, and suicide. What to say about poems drenched in the 'green dreams of chloroform'? Harrowing yes, but fascinating, too. Darkly brilliant." — Patricia Young

Evening Song 

What song could name you?
You with your perilous forehead, eyes staring

through nothing to the blue cave of childhood.
In the tavern voices, piercing shouts.

Walnuts crack under your hand.
Remember: Grete's fingers striking bone, 

pulling notes from an ivory pond.
Somewhere in the night she is practising,

calling out to you with a flourish of her hands.
The gypsy violinist stands at your table,

scratches a bohemian tune. Why wave him away?
Coins, paper. Gouge your initials into the wood

of a beer-wet table, the scurf of your name.
Sing tonic, sing dominant.

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