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Born Accessible eBooks

Goose Lane Editions is a Benetech Global Certified Accessible™ publisher! What does that mean? Well, starting with our fall catalogue, every eBook that we publish will meet the internationally recognized standard for accessibility. So, each and every digital publication will be equipped with the latest enhanced accessibility features: text-to-speech recognition, image descriptions, language tagging, and emphasis. As well, you can rest assured that our workflow for creating eBooks has been evaluated by Benetech testers and proven to generate accessible eBooks, and Benetech will continue to give us feedback as accessibility standards change, ensuring that more readers than ever can enjoy our extensive collection of fiction and non-fiction books. Just look for the Benetech stamp of approval on the cover of forthcoming eBooks.
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Missing Feathers

Fresh from the printer, The Running Trees is now available, and we’re celebrating its release by sharing an excerpt from one of its experimental short stories. Have a taste; you’ll be hooked!

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Get Out Before It’s Too Late!

With a long weekend around the corner — and a whole season of perfect hiking weather after that — there’s still plenty of time to get out on the trails.

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Flip to the First Page

September is nearing, and you know what that means? There’s one week left on our 10% sitewide discount! Use code SUMMER10 and fill your cart with some amazing reads. We’ll even give you that bookstore experience: grab a book, open it up, and read the first paragraph before deciding it’s the one for you . . .

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Kent Elgin Thompson

3 February 1936 – 13 August 2021

This week, we learned that Kent Thompson — novelist, editor, cyclist, master of the short-short story — had died. Kent was a writer whose curiosity appeared to know no bounds. When he lived in Fredericton, where he taught at the University of New Brunswick, he often arrived at our offices with an idea upon which to expound, a tale of his latest adventure, or a work of fiction to digest. When he left Fredericton for the wilds of Annapolis Royal, we saw him all too rarely. 

The following tribute, written by his son David, captures much of the wit, enthusiasm, and intellect of this talented writer who made us laugh aloud and gasp with giddy excitement.  

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