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Holiday Gift Guide: The Book of Letters I Didn't Know Where To Send

Happy holidays, readers! It’s the most wonderful time of year here at Goose Lane, and we’d like to share the cheer with all of you! Take a look at our blog over the next month for holiday tips, festive clips and helpful gift ideas from our staff and friends.

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Today, we're going back in time all the way to 2016 to revisit a comedy gem by the beloved host of CBC Radio's The Debaters, Steve Patterson. The gem in question? The Book of Letters I Didn't Know Where To Send, a collection of gut-busting letters to everyone from male bikers to airlines to gluten.

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Mongolian Chronicles Long Listed for the RBC Taylor Prize

Congratulations to Allen Smutylo on his being long listed for the RBC Taylor Prize for his book: The Mongolian Chronicles.
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Holiday Feature: True Crime Collection


Today, we’re going to switch things up a little bit and present our pieces in the new Chapters-Indigo True Crime Collection. Our titles include a triple threat from acclaimed writer and forensic anthropologist Debra Komar: Black River RoadThe Ballad of Jacob Peck, and The Bastard of Fort Stikine.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Dangerous Enemy Sympathizers


In this comprehensive illustrated account of Camp B, Andrew Theobald examines the daily lives and tribulations of those imprisoned behind the barbed wire. "Dangerous Enemy Sympathizers" also scrutinizes the troubling context that led to the internment of both refugees and Canadian citizens, the debates over the ethics of internment inside and outside the camp, and the role of the camps in shaping government policy towards immigration and the post-war powers of the Canadian state.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Shut Away

Catherine McKercher’s Shut Away: When Down Syndrome Was a Life Sentence exposes a dark chapter of Canadian history: the neglect and abuse that went on in institutions for people with intellectual or cognitive disabilities. In Ontario, the last of these closed in 2009. McKercher’s brother, Bill, spent almost his entire life in one of them.
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