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Poetry Friday: "The Long Way Through the Chairs" by M. Travis Lane

Since this is the internet, it's frankly amazing that our Poetry Friday posts haven't yet succumbed to cute cat pictures. Today, we rectify that, with M. Travis Lane's poem "The Long Way Through the Chairs" (from her collection Temporary Shelter).
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Poetry Friday: "Weather Report" by George Sipos

If you aren't paying attention to the weather, we Maritimers are currently being crushed by a winter storm of epic proportions. Luckily, we Maritimers are made of the stuff of legends. Thus, Poetry Friday remains in full force. Take that, climate!
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Poetry Friday: "Baffled King Collage" by Katia Grubisic

For Poetry Friday, so close to Christmas, we thought there would be no better poet/poem to usher in the holiday than Katia Grubisic and her poem "Baffled King Collage." (from her collection What if red ran out)

Because, if red ran out, what would this holiday season be? Just green. 

You think about that.

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Poetry Friday: "Decaf" by Sharon McCartney

For Poetry Friday, we've decided to calm down after an emotional week with some decaf, courtesy of Sharon McCartney. "Decaf," from for and against, took second place in Prairie Fire’s Bliss Carman Poetry Competition in 2005, and was a finalist in Arc’s Poem of the Year Contest in 2004.
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GLE authors on Gift Books for the Holidays (Part Two)

In an effort to help choose potential gifts for the holidays, we asked Goose Lane authors on what book that they would give to everyone if they could. Today, in part two, authors Michelle Butler Hallett and Shauna Singh Baldwin tell us what the holiday spirit impels them to give.
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