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Tagged "poetry"

Poetry Friday: "Song for the Songs of the Common Raven" by Don McKay

While summer is fast approaching, this Poetry Friday, something about the dark appeals to us. And is there a creature that better encapsulates the concept of "dark" than the raven?

Probably, but that wouldn't help us here, so please keep it to yourself.

From Angular Unconformity — the first comprehensive collection of pre-eminent Canadian poet Don McKay —here's a tribute to that darkest of dark animals, "Song for the Songs of the Common Raven."

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Poetry Friday: "A Marvel" by Dorothy Roberts

Spring isn't only about the world heating up to tolerable levels again. It's about clear nights, where one can go outside and enjoy the wonders of the universe beyond our planet.

Or, you can stay inside and read about them.

This Poetry Friday, let's split the difference; go outside tonight, but prep yourself through the lovely imagery of Dorothy Roberts and her poem "A Marvel" (from her collection In the Flight of Stars).

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Poetry Friday: "Planting" by Yvonne Trainer

Have you been outside lately? It's Spring! We're pretty sure it's here to stay this time!

And with spring comes renewal, and growth, and, yes, more work when it comes to farming and gardening. But that, too, can be a blessing, and an impetus for poetry.

So, for today's Poetry Friday entry, we celebrate the season and the work that goes with it with Yvonne Trainer's "Planting" (from her collection Everything Happens At Once).

Now, don't waste the season away. Go plant something, and let it grow. 

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Emily Nilsen Shortlisted for the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award

Yesterday, the League of Canadian Poets announced shortlists for the 2018 Book Awards. Among the six titles shortlisted for the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award is Emily Nilsen’s stunning poetry collection, Otolith, published by Goose Lane Editions’ icehouse poetry imprint.
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Poetry Friday: "The Bad News" by S.P. Zitner

We don't like to dwell on it, but let's be honest; some days it seems like the world is made up of nothing but bad news.

Accordingly, today's Poetry Friday entry — published thirteen years ago and as relevant as ever — is S.P. Zitner's "The Bad News" (from his collection The Hunt on the Lagoon).

If you're looking for good news, better look elsewhere. Go find a cute cat pic or something.

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