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Poetry Friday: "A Marvel" by Dorothy Roberts

In the Flight of Stars, Dorothy Roberts, Goose Lane Editions, 1991Spring isn't only about the world heating up to tolerable levels again. It's about clear nights, where one can go outside and enjoy the wonders of the universe beyond our planet.

Or, you can stay inside and read about them.

This Poetry Friday, let's split the difference; go outside tonight, but prep yourself through the lovely imagery of Dorothy Roberts and her poem "A Marvel" (from her collection In the Flight of Stars).

A Marvel

One of the images in my brain
is a galaxy seen through a telescope years ago
at a distance from where my life is now,
small light blur becoming only in thought one of the great views

One of the views that can be looked at from another time
so distance lays out a plan    full of light    full of expansion
expanded back into itself and condensed
into one of the great grounds of sense

Only in though is it realized
as more than a white breath    an enterprise in itself
where further laws are likely to be the same laws
to hold poised the great exuberance 

And on and on to convert its size
into an intensity as immense    an action as intense
and governable in ways as ours
or how does it follow the heavens and yet can be recalled
to the telescope again even at this hour? 

By time    years ago it was first seen
it has settles itself into the laws of dream
for the laws are the same
for inventing the telescope’s eye as being in the brain
they light and relight    in inexhaustible profusion the source of energy
a note of profoundest proportion earns them the name

More and more goes on and surrounds
the eclipsed self as the galaxy proves
in one of the great views    given of light
on the vast horizon of being
on the outskirts of all we don’t have    do have and marvel at

Coiled Galaxy

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