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Poetry Friday: "Button" by Ali Blythe

Elevator ButtonEver been trapped in an elevator?

Of course you haven't. That's the stuff of sitcoms and movie thrillers, not real life. Elevators, in reality, are dull boxes that move up and down at our command.

Until poet Ali Blythe thought about it, that is.

This Poetry Friday, delve into the poetic mystery that is the elevator with Ali Blythe and his lyrical "Button" (from Twoism).


My doorman once told me
the story of a sage
whose terse enigmas

all sound like Come with me.
Upon leaving home
to become a hermit

the sage invited
into infinite solitude
only the gatekeeper

who guarded the edge of the city.
When the doorman finished
this touching story I pushed

the elevator button with my mind
by imagining I glowed yellow
around the edges just like it

and said, One day
we will leave this place for good
Then I swept slowly upward.

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