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Sullen Earth

Sullen Earth

32 pages
Published:   January 1, 1974
Poetry  /  Fiddlehead Poetry
Paperback:   9780919197718    $2.95

A series of fourteen poems illustrated with a series of photographs. These poems are strongly connected to human relationships and evoke a number of strong emotions.


Brenda Fleet was born in Quebec City and currently lives in Ottawa. She has two degrees in English Literature from Bishop's University and Carleton University. She has worked as a bilingual editor and is currently an author and painter.


"Miss Fleet has a very good feeling for the irony and pathos of human relationship: the most successful poems are those dealing with friendships or love, which reveal a sensitive and compassionate mind at work." — Dalhousie Review

"Miss Fleet's ability is apparant in the way in which her lines are made to bear convincingly the tenor of the poem and to evoke the precise emotional response she requires." — Canadian Literature

"[A] very decent sense of words, quiet intensity sustained by an ear for rhythm. And such a mature wisdom about people." — University of Toronto Quarterly