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53 pages
Published:   January 1, 1983
Poetry  /  Fiddlehead Poetry
Paperback:   9780864920362    $6.95

The idea of being a customer or observing customers forms the basis of these poems which range from a child's perspective to descriptions of daily life.


Born at Medicine Hat, Alberta, in 1959, Yvonne Trainer has become one of Canada's most distinctive young poets. A brilliant reader, she has presented her work to many appreciative audiences in the Prairies and Atlantic Canada, while her poems have appeared in a number of leading literary magazines in both Canada and the US. CBC Anthology broadcast a group of six poems in 1980, when she was still an undergraduate at the University of Lethbridge, editing Whetstone. She put out her chapbook, Manyberries, also in 1980, before moving on to the University of New Brunswick, where she received the MA degree in English and creative writing.


"Yvonne Trainer's book Customers should be on school library shelves if only to show children that poetry does not have to be all about white doves and fluffy clouds and newborn lambs. More importantly, it reaffirms the wonder of common things, which children have really known all along, but which school tends to make them forget." — NSSLA Bulletin

"Not only versitile, but fresh and delightful to read." — The Lethbridge Weekly