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Tagged "Poetry Friday"

Poetry Friday: "Puffs of Smoke" by Renato Trujillo

For the first Poetry Friday of May, Renato Trujillo pushes us to face our demons with "Puffs of Smoke" (from his 1987 collection Behind the Orchestra).

Please enjoy.

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Poetry Friday: "In One Extreme Cell" by Leigh Faulkner

At the risk of angering the many easily-provoked deities of Canadian weather, we think it might finally be Spring.

*waits an appropriate amount of time for retribution from on high*

Alright, we're safe.

So, as it is Poetry Friday, let us celebrate the evolution of Winter into Spring with Leigh Faulkner's "In One Extreme Cell" (from his 1982 collection Charge).

Please enjoy.

And stay dry.

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Poetry Friday: "'The Love Poem as Caribou" by Richard Kelly Kemick

Last week, we were all about the big cats! This week, we're all about what the big cats yearn to eat:

Big deer!

For Poetry Friday, let's take a gander at both the prey of big cats and the construction of poetry with Richard Kelly Kemick's "The Love Poem as Caribou" from his collection Caribou Run.

Please enjoy.

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Poetry Friday: "Lynx" by Alan R. Wilson

Today, for Poetry Friday, we're all about the big cats!

The lynx is not the only point of Alan R. Wilson's "Lynx" (as published in the anthology Coastlines: The Poetry of Atlantic Canada). However, as this is the Internet, it behooves us to stress as many cat-related qualities as are possible.

These are the rules of the Internet, and we must obey them.

The Internet is made of cats, after all.

Please enjoy.

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Poetry Friday: "Random Moments" by Sheree Fitch

In The House Are Many Women, Sheree Fitch, Goose Lane Editions, 1993For Poetry Friday, we're going random!

In her collection In This House Are Many Women, Sheree Fitch's refreshingly direct lyrics explore the harsh realities of women's lives and the many kinds of shelter they create for themselves and give to each other.

Please enjoy some random moments with Sheree Fitch's "Random Moments."

Random Moments  

In the singles bar
The men come and go
With dreams
of being
A gigolo.
In the washroom
Women spritz their hair
And rearrange
Their underwear
In the suburbs
Couples fight
Then make up
Make love all night
In the schoolyard
Children play
And dream of growing up
In the churches
People pray
That God lives on
And life's okay
In my bedroom
Late and night
I cry sometimes
And hold on tight
In my kitchen
When it's sunny
I mostly think
That life is funny
And when I'm dead
I'll question God
Why all my life
Life seemed so odd
William BlakeThen I will search
For William Blake
And ask him out
For mocha cake


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