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Poetry Friday: "'The Love Poem as Caribou" by Richard Kelly Kemick

Last week, we were all about the big cats! This week, we're all about what the big cats yearn to eat:

Big deer!

For Poetry Friday, let's take a gander at both the prey of big cats and the construction of poetry with Richard Kelly Kemick's "The Love Poem as Caribou" from his collection Caribou Run.

Please enjoy.

The Love Poem as Caribou

It's hard to imagine. As doves, yes,
or even vultures. But there's nothing of a ballad
in the hard weight of antlers. You can't cut
into an ode, stripping its skin to bones cabled
with muscle, or search its creased face for something
you can almost explain. And a sonnet has never
made me see myself inadequate beneath
the bright light of evolution's long apprenticeship,
acutely aware of the many failings of my own form.
But maybe it's in how a love poem will cross
a body of water without being about to see
the other side. Or maybe it's in the deep prints
left in the drifts, that speak of how hard
it must have been to move on from here.
Poem Poetry Friday Richard Kelly Kemick

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