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Poetry Friday: "In One Extreme Cell" by Leigh Faulkner

At the risk of angering the many easily-provoked deities of Canadian weather, we think it might finally be Spring.

*waits an appropriate amount of time for retribution from on high*

Alright, we're safe.

So, as it is Poetry Friday, let us celebrate the evolution of Winter into Spring with Leigh Faulkner's "In One Extreme Cell" (from his 1982 collection Charge).

Please enjoy.

And stay dry.

In One Extreme Cell


melted today
in one extreme cell
of the maple outside my window

in one cell of the highest twig
the fluid melted
and the convection currents
stroked the nucleus
into sub-molecular vibration

once more the sun crossed a line
and watchers took note

already the design for a nest
is forming in a robin's eye

Robin's Eye


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