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Into the Outdoors

Featured Book Trailers

With May comes warm weather and an insatiable itch to get out and explore — deep into the woods or deep into the pages of a new book. In our curated outdoor collection, you’ll find books to shape your journeys and books that are a journey all of their own. We’ve pulled together a few book trailers for the latter to give you a taste of the kinds of natural stories you can partake in this season.

Restigouche: The Long Run of the Wild River by Philip Lee

"A brilliant work; a living, breathing and truly unforgettable account of the great Restigouche River by a master chronicler of our natural world." — David Adams Richards

Sanctuary: The Story of Naturalist Mary Majka by Deborah Carr

"Mary Majka has done more to preserve the natural and cultural legacy of the Bay of Fundy than anyone in our time. Sanctuary is an engaging and clear-eyed portrait of her indomitable spirit — a celebration of a courageous life — and an important book." — Harry Thurston

Mnemonic: A Book of Trees by Theresa Kishkan

"Theresa Kishkan invites us into the company of her favourite trees, where memories perch lightly in the foliage. Her words are readied for flight, yet her stories have deep roots in the experience of a life well lived." — Candace Savage

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