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The Piano Man's Daughter (Audiobook)

The Piano Man's Daughter (Audiobook)

Duration:  5h Abridged
Pub Date: January 1, 2001
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Audio Cassette:   9780864922557    $24.95

The Piano Man's Daughter is the tale of people who dream in songs — two Irish immigrant families facing a new and uncertain future in turn-of-the-century Toronto. Narrated by Charlie Kilworth, whose birth is an echo of his mother's own illegitimate beginnings, The Piano Man's Daughter is the lyrical, multi-layered tale of Charlie's mother, Lily, his grandmother Ede, and their family.

Lily is a woman pursued by her own demons, "making off with the matches just when the fire's caught hold," a beautiful, mad genius, first introduced as she sings in her mother's belly. Conceived when her mother falls in love with a musician, Lily is born in a field of flowers and grows into an odd, lonely child. As she matures, she becomes more and more alienated from real life, but this doesn't keep her from having a brief, mysterious affair while she's a student in wartime England. The result is Charlie, who has perfect pitch and a high tolerance for his mother's eccentricities.

As Lily sinks deeper into madness, her once gentle nature is affected by the dark demons that inhabit her troubled mind. It is only after her death that Charlie, always Lily's protector and caretaker, is able to tell her story through loving but honest eyes, finding catharsis and hope in the painful but revealing process.
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Timothy Findley is one of Canada's best-loved and most enduring writers. He is the author of numerous best-selling novels, short story collections and plays. His awards include the Governor General's Award for Fiction, the Edgar Award, and the Canadian Booksellers Association Author of the Year Award. Timothy Findley divides his time between his new Stratford, Ontario, home and the south of France. His best-selling novels include The Wars, Not Wanted on the Voyage, Headhunter, and The Telling of Lies. Timothy Findley was born in 1930 in Toronto. As a young man, he studied dance and later, with considerable success, acting. With his third novel, The Wars (1977), Findley received both recognition as a major Canadian writer and the Governor General's Award. During this early stage of his writing career, Findley also wrote scripts for television, radio, and film. Findley's work has been widely translated and he has achieved and international reputation. His awards and honours include the Canadian Authors Association Award, the Order of Canada, and the Trillium Award, and he has been appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Colm Feore's understanding of The Piano Man's Daughter brings this story to life. With numerous awards for his stage and film roles, Feore is a classically trained actor and a mainstay of the Stratford Festival stage, Canada*#146s leading Shakespearean company. Feore also appears in feature films and on network television. Recent credits include the role of Legion in Stephen King's Storm of the Century. He has also appeared in The Red Violin, 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould, City of Angels, Face Off, Airborne, Critical Care, and Night Falls on Manhattan.

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