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The Lost Time Accidents

The Lost Time Accidents

96 pages
Published:   October 5, 2021
Poetry  /  Queer Lit 
Paperback:   9781773101866   $19.95

In this timely and powerful debut, Síle Englert explores what it is to feel othered in a world where everything is connected. Moving through time and memory — from childhood to motherhood, from historical figures and events to the precarious environment of the Anthropocene — Englert’s voice brims with grief while still holding space for whimsy.

Juxtaposing unlikely metaphors and inchoate memories, these poems wander a timeline where Amelia Earhart’s bones call out from the past, an abandoned department store mannequin keeps an eye on the future, and spacecraft sing to each other through the dark: "we are only what we remember." Unearthing objects beautiful and bizarre, The Lost Time Accidents challenges the reader’s perceptions, finding empathy for the lost, the broken, and the overlooked.
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Síle Englert is a queer, Autistic writer and multidisciplinary artist from London, Ontario. She is the author of two chapbooks: The Phobic’s Handbook and Threadbare. Her poetry and fiction work have appeared in the Fiddlehead, Canthius, Room Magazine, and the Dalhousie Review.