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Myself A Paperclip

Myself A Paperclip

64 pages
Published:   October 5, 2021
Poetry  /  Queer Lit 
Paperback:   9781773102153   $19.95

Leaving a drawer open in here
is like leaving your fly undone
is like letting a scab hang off a healing wound.

In Myself A Paperclip, Finlay sketches the internal self and the external whir of the psychiatric ward, laying bare its daily rhythms. Memories, musings, echoes, and meditations on stigma coalesce: quarters dispensed into a payphone to listen to the stunned silence of a partner; Splenda packets and rice pudding hoarded in dresser drawers; counting back from ten as electrodes connect with the temple.

Deeply personal and reflective, Myself A Paperclip confronts abuse and experiences with debilitating mental illnesses, therapies, and hospitalizations, all shaped into the remarkable form of a serial long poem.
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Triny Finlay is a queer poet, writer, teacher, and mother whose collections include Splitting Off and Histories Haunt Us. Her writing has appeared in Breathing Fire 2: Canada’s New Poets, Arc Poetry Magazine, Contemporary Verse 2, The Fiddlehead, Grain, The London Reader, The Malahat Review, Plenitude, University of Toronto Quarterly, and Untethered. She teaches English and Creative Writing at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton.