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Poetry Friday: "This is a Post Card" by Claire Harris

The Conception of Winter, Claire Harris, Goose Lane Editions, 1995Summer is literally around the corner! It's a time of rest and vacations and fun in the sun! And post cards!

(Kids: ask your parents what post cards are. They're like paper emails!)

So we can think of no better way to celebrate this Poetry Friday than with Claire Harris' lovely and dark "This is a Post Card" (from The Conception of Winter).

Please enjoy! And send us a card! 

This is a Post Card

of three women
flying into summer

they sit side by side
to the fine delicate
balance of a friendship
they are disguised
as tourists

daughters    they
have shrugged off
the expectations
of others
which discarded    yet
cling to their feet

nearby an old woman
going home    a child
with excitement

but they go    three women
into the uncharted self   they go
looking out for each other
and following the blood
as one follows a river
through dangerous

in darkness

Claire Harris Goose Lane Editions poem Poetry Friday

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