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Poetry Friday: "You & Your Late Movies" by Kay Burkman

Well, it's summer, and the heat has not abated hereabouts. In fact, our air conditioning unit has asked for an air conditioning unit.

On days, like this, all you want to do is curl up in the dark and the cool, maybe at a movie theatre, maybe in your home equivalent, and wait the heat out.

So this Poetry Friday, let's go to the flicks, with Kay Burkman's "You & Your Late Movies" (from Champ).

You bring some beer. We've got the popcorn. 

You & Your Late Movies

You are luminescent
The country you are seen in is transmitting

MGM's lion is off camera
Bogart waits in the wings

I move close to you but do not adjust your set

The Harder They FallWe're in this movie together
1956 Humphrey Bogart Heaven
Mike Lane is here & Jersey Joe Walcott

You & your late movies

The Harder They Fall, 1956, Humphrey Bogart, Mike Lane

1985 Champ Goose Lane Editions Kay Burkman Poem Poetry Friday

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