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When We Were Ashes

When We Were Ashes

242 pages
Published:   September 10, 2024
Fiction  /  Novels
Paperback:   9781773103365    $25.00

When the grey bus came to take Rainor Schacht and his friends in the ward for disabled children to a remote hospital called Trutzburg, they had no idea what dark reality awaited them.

No one would tell them what to expect — not Nurse Hilde; not Peter Berger, the kind bus driver; not Dr. Lutz, who ran the Nazi hospital with ruthless efficiency.

Years later, with Berger’s coded diary in hand, Rainor sets out to find Emmi, a fellow survivor of Trutzburg, who looked past Rainor’s disfigurement and elicited the magic that gave purpose to Rainor and solace to Emmi and the other children.

Set against the backdrop of the Second World War, Andrew Boden’s When We Were Ashes takes us to the chilling depths of Aktion T4, one of the darkest chapters in the history of Nazi Germany. In this hauntingly poignant novel, Rainor is led on an illuminating journey to learn the truth about his past and the even more extraordinary truth about his present.
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Andrew Boden’s fiction and non-fiction have been published in numerous magazines and anthologies in Canada and the US, including the Journey Prize Anthology, Prairie Fire, the New Quarterly, Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine, and Descant. He is the co-editor of Hidden Lives: Coming Out on Mental Illness, a ground-breaking anthology of evocative personal essays. He lives in Burnaby, British Columbia.