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Waterfalls of New Brunswick: A Guide, 2nd Edition

Waterfalls of New Brunswick: A Guide, 2nd Edition

292 pages
Published:   April 13, 2021
Non-Fiction  /  Trail Guides
Paperback:   9781773101859   $27.95

An Atlantic Bestseller
"A nature lover’s delight." — Chronicle Herald

No one has done more to bring New Brunswick’s waterfalls to popular attention than Nicholas Guitard. He has sought out and documented hundreds of waterfalls, first on his website and then in a bestselling trail guide.

Now ten years after the publication of the first edition, Guitard has a newly updated guide. From well-known favourites like Hays Falls and the "Grand Canyon of New Brunswick" at Walton Glen Gorge to previously unpublished waterfalls like Cigar Falls in Dalhousie, the second edition of Waterfalls of New Brunswick features 60 new waterfalls — all with full-colour maps and Guitard’s sumptuous photographs. You’ll want to get out and explore!
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Nicholas Guitard is the author of the bestselling first edition of Waterfalls of New Brunswick, a photographic book on New Brunswick’s waterfalls, and The Lost Wilderness: Rediscovering W.F. Ganong’s New Brunswick, a finalist for the New Brunswick Book Award for Nonfiction. An avid photographer, canoeist, and hiker, Guitard was born in the northern New Brunswick town of Dalhousie and now lives in Fredericton.

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