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200 pages
Published:   April 1, 2018
Non-Fiction  /  Art & Architecture
Paperback:   9781894243889    $24.95

Exploring the experimental energy of an era, Toronto: Tributes + Tributaries, 1971-1989 brings together more than 100 works by 65 artists and collectives to highlight an innovative period in Toronto art history. Amidst the social and political upheavals of their time, the artists that emerged in Toronto during the 1970s and 1980s pushed the boundaries of conventional painting, sculpture, and photography, exploring new ways of art making.

Organized thematically and punctuated by references to Toronto and its cityscape, this unique publication highlights the era's preoccupation with ideas of performance, the body, the image, self-portraiture, storytelling, and representation. Featured artists include Michael Snow, Joanne Tod, the Clichettes, Duke Redbird, Barbara Astman, Robin Collyer, Robert Houle, Carol Condé, and Carl Beveridge, as well as photographer June Clarke, illustrator Ato Seitu, dub poet Lillian Allen, and many others.
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Wanda Nanibush is the Curator of Indigenous Art at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Georgiana Uhlyarik is Fredrik S. Eaton Curator, Canadian Art, and co-lead of the Indigenous + Canadian Art Department at the Art Gallery of Ontario. She works collaboratively with artists and curators from across the Americas and Europe and teaches art at York University and the University of Toronto. Her publications include Moving the Museum: Indigenous + Canadian Art at the AGO, Magnetic North: Imagining Canada in Painting 1910–40, Tunirrusiangit: Kenojuak Ashevak and Tim Pitsiulak, Rita Letendre: Fire & Light, and Florine Stettheimer: Painting Poetry.