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Samara the Wholehearted

Samara the Wholehearted

In Samara the Wholehearted, Bauer transports her readers to the slightly tilted world of Summerland, a communal summer retreat, where a series of unusual encounters lead Samara to "adopt" her perpetually adolescent half-brother Fred and a disabled genius named Marty. Mixing the traditional techniques of storytelling with postmodern innovation and rarefied prose, Bauer produces a novel which is both technically adept and intensely memorable.
Nancy Bauer is a profoundly religious writer with a lively interest in Eastern spirituality and a compelling sense of the human need to establish non-biological ties to communities.

"A literary career of impressive ambition, productivity and accomplishment." — Globe and Mail

"An inexhaustible source of wisdom and vision." — Matrix

163 pages
Pub date: January 1, 1991