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Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo

Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo

Thousands of Canadian and international military and civilian performers have made the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo the world's largest annual indoor show. First performed in Halifax in 1979 to mark the visit of the Queen Mother for the International Gathering of the Clans, the Tattoo has now become a permanent fixture, seen by more than a million spectators. With performances every year since 1979, it has more than lived up to its motto "Beòthaichidh Sinn An Cridhe Agus Gairmidh Sinn Dhachaidh Sibh" ("We stir the heart and call you home").

This sumptuously illustrated book offers both an insider's and a spectator's perspective of the Tattoo over its 30-year history, providing both backstage and front-of-stage views of the event. Drawing from more than 75,000 photographs, this illustrated history of the Tattoo showcases the pageantry of this unique annual performance.

Simon Falconer is the pen name of a retired soldier, a former member of the Black Watch Regiment. He has written several dramas for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and is the author of numerous articles and short stories published in Canada and abroad. He lives in Nova Scotia.

"Author Simon Falconer has done a masterly job of selecting photographs that showcase the performers and the pageantry of what is billed as the largest annual indoor show in the world. And, as the author states in his dedication, it's 'an event that can stand with any in the world' ... This illustrated hardcover book is literally a feast for the eyes — colourful, fast-moving, eclectic — not unlike watching a performance of the Tattoo itself, minus the music." — Chronicle-Herald

192 pages
Pub date: June 25, 2010