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Outdoor Cooking from Tide's Table

Outdoor Cooking from Tide's Table

256 pages
Published:   April 1, 2000
Paperback:   9780864922960    $19.95

Outdoor Cooking from Tide's Table presents delicious dishes cooked on the barbeque, unusual meals prepared by other outdoor methods, and treats to eat and drink before, during, and after the al fresco adventure. Recipes such as Grilled Tuna Salad combine readily available (though not necessarily familiar) ingredients into dishes that will pique the taste buds of the up-to-date gastronome. At the same time, instructions for making an old-fashioned float or wrapping trout in clay and baking it in a campfire show Ross and Willa's irrepressible love for grown-up variations on childhood favourites. In all, they treat their readers to 185 recipes.


Ross and Willa Mavis love cooking, people and life itself. As well as being innkeepers extraordinaire, they host Tide's Table, a cooking show broadcast on television in the Maritimes and northern New England. Ross Mavis is also a regular food columnist in The New Brunswick Reader, the weekend magazine of The Telegraph Journal.


"The Mavises have a knack for pulling together the old faithfuls and adding some extravagance . . . This is definitely the place to start your planning for that huge family reunion." — Atlantic Books Today

"Provides the would-be barbecue chef with plenty of practical information . . . It is the magnificent recipe collection that steals the show . . . a pleasure to use." — Canadian Book Review Annual