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Landscape Turned Sideways

Landscape Turned Sideways

102 pages
Published:   January 1, 1988
Hardcover:   9780864920874   $14.95

Poems from Trainer's three previously published collections are gathered with recent poems in a single volume representing her work over the past decade. She makes the lives of obscure people shine forth with simple eloquence and is particularly skilled at capturing the attentive mind of a child confronting adult ambiguities.


Born at Medicine Hat, Alberta, in 1959, Yvonne Trainer has become one of Canada's most distinctive young poets. A brilliant reader, she has presented her work to many appreciative audiences in the Prairies and Atlantic Canada, while her poems have appeared in a number of leading literary magazines in both Canada and the US. CBC Anthology broadcast a group of six poems in 1980, when she was still an undergraduate at the University of Lethbridge, editing Whetstone. She put out her chapbook, Manyberries, also in 1980, before moving on to the University of New Brunswick, where she received the MA degree in English and creative writing.


"Trainer is a wonderful poet." — Poetry Canada Review

"Sharp wit and sure sense of how to evoke the climate and contours of the prairie world." — Wascana Review