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191 pages
Published:   October 1, 1993
Fiction  /  Short Story Collections
Paperback:   9780864921666    $14.95

In Cerberus, Toronto author Rai Berzins holds his readers in a steel grip. His stories revolve around people with odd personalities and those who love them, neglect them, and do or don't care for them. The vitality of these characters shatters easy distinctions between sanity and insanity, and love develops in unlikely circumstances. Confusion takes on an inner logic, tranquil surfaces cover turbulence and complexity, and each character is touched by grace.


Cerberus is Toronto author Rai Berzin's first book, but his name is a familiar one. Stories in the collection have appeared in Grain, Fiddlehead, IslandSide, Malahat Review, Matrix, and The New Quarterly. "Towards Dierdre's" won the 1991 Carl Sentner Award, and "Common Sense" was selected for the 1991 Journey Prize Anthology.