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Brush and Trunks

Brush and Trunks

Welch's book reveals a deep understanding of the Maritime countryside and man's relationship with nature.
Liliane Welch was born in Luxembourg. She studied in Europe and the United States and taught French literature at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. She has published a number of poetry books.

"Liliane Welch's poetic voice is delicate, perceptive and has a bell-like ring." — Waves

"An uncompromising, ironic eye on her subject matter." — PRISM International

"Welch's poems are infused with a keen sense of Maritime history and politics never dreamed of by Charles G.D. Roberts... The tides, the woods, the winter, the towns, and the dykes are all given definition and used to help define the inner landscape of hope, fear, bravery, delusion, dishonesty and pretension." — The Antigonish Review

61 pages
Pub date: January 1, 1981