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Bittersweet (eBOOK)

Bittersweet (eBOOK)

216 pages
Published:   November 8, 2010
Non-Fiction  /  Biography & Memoir
ePub:   9780864925558   $19.95

Sometimes the life we have constructed needs to fall apart before we can begin the process of making something better. After his first marriage ended, Philip Lee found himself living with his younger brother in an old fisherman's house by the sea, trying to restore some order to the wreckage of his life. It was a dark year of rain-bucket showers, blowtorch espresso, and abandoned renovation projects. They were bachelors in every sense of the word.

With wit, warmth, and sensitivity, Philip Lee writes about this dark year, the struggle to rebuild his life and family and his rediscovery of love's possibilities. Lee's journey takes him from the coastlines of Eastern Canada to the cities of China and the Greek island of Naxos. Cutting to the heart of the matter, he explores how it is that we might lift ourselves up through the great work of love.
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Philip Lee teaches journalism at St. Thomas University in Fredericton. He began his career as an investigative reporter in Atlantic Canada and is the author of numerous books, including Home Pool: The Fight to Save the Atlantic Salmon. He is a passionate defender of rivers and the people who love them.


"If you're interested in a journalist's exploration of marriage and relationships, written in a style so personable that you'll wish you could have the author and his whole family over for dinner, I highly recommend giving Bittersweet a try." — Worducopia

"Beautifully written …. informative, entertaining and filled with hope... a must read for anyone who has walked through the pain of divorce and the joy of re-discovering love." — The Book Club, Halifax

"[Lee's] often startling vulnerability and openness invites readers to draw from his experience both the assurance that someone else has been where they are and points of departure for their own reflection on loving others." — Daily Gleaner

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