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To a Sister Loneliness

To a Sister Loneliness

116 pages
Published:   January 1, 1979
Poetry  /  Fiddlehead Poetry
Paperback:   9780920110614    $5.00

Michael Brian Oliver's third chapbook. To a Sister Loneliness is divided into three sections: "Omega," "Alpha Imagining," and "Merrybegots." Most of the poems are about the author's relationship with a woman. Beautifully written with elegant prose, it's a must-have from this talented critic and poet.


A critic, poet, and teacher, Michael Brian Oliver has taught at various institutions across Canada, including Collège Maillet in St. Basile, New Brunswick; the University of British Columbia; John Abbott College near Montreal; and the University of New Brunswick in Saint John. He considers himself "A writer who teaches instead of a teacher who writes."He has published several chapbooks, critical reviews in several journals, and wrote Poet's Progress, the first critical study of Alden Nowlan's poetry.