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Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

52 pages
Published:   January 1, 1979
Poetry  /  Fiddlehead Poetry
Paperback:   9780920110775    $6.95

Sometimes the words are not enough. The structures of language inhibit, prevent the vision. Haiku are keys to unlock images, ideas, and feelings that radiate in multi-dimentions. They are gifts to remember and to give away.

This poetry collection from Kathleen Forsythe employs a mixture of poetry styles from haiku to prose poems on subjects ranging from Greek mythology to birth.
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Kathleen Forsythe was born in Fredericton in 1949. She is a writer, poet, artist, and educator. She has published five collections of poetry with Fiddlehead Poetry Books: Inside Me (1969), The Hair Cage (1972), November-Dead-Time (1974), Time and Untime (1977), and Pheonix Rising (1979). She lives in Vancouver, BC, where she works as the Executive Director of the SelfDesign Learning Foundation. She is the winner of the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence and the Province of British Columbia Recognition for Teaching Excellence Award.