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Uncle Cy's War
Uncle Cy's War

Uncle Cy's War

304 pages
Published:   November 20, 2009
Non-Fiction  /  NB Military Heritage Series
Paperback:   9780864925428    $19.95
Published by Goose Lane Editions with the Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society

At 31 years old, Major Cyrus Inches resolved to survive the Great War, and did so without losing his sense of humour, in spite of the tragedies he constantly faced. His letters home were stored and left undisturbed for almost ninety years. Cleverly written with wit and humour, they reveal voluminous details of life during the war. Cyrus Inches also kept a diary and published a booklet called The 1st Canadian Heavy Battery in France — Farewell Message to NCOs and Men, which chronicled the movements and the battles of his battery. The booklet and letters combine to create a complete history of one Canadian officer's experiences — from Valcartier and the First Battle of Ypres to Mons, and the months of demobilization after that.

Uncle Cy's War is volume 14 in the New Brunswick Military Heritage Series.
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Valerie Teed has produced several book compilations of family letters and documents. She is currently newsletter editor for the NB Branch of the United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada and a partner in Ancestors New Brunswick.


"[A] revealing window into the military life of an artillery officer who confronted the war with a smile ... Uncle Cy's War provides a distinctive voice to the Canadians soldiers' experience during the Great War." —

"This book passes on the story of a soldier who remained cheerful throughout the Great War, even after enduring the grueling combat on the Western Front and the loss of both his parents. Uncle Cy's War demonstrates the resolve and strength of the human spirit." —

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