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Trails of Greater Moncton

Trails of Greater Moncton

127 pages
Published:   May 1, 2003
Non-Fiction  /  Trail Guides
Paperback:   9780864923493    $14.95

Moncton, Dieppe, and Riverview are some of the fittest areas in New Brunswick. And, no wonder, these cities have one of the best-developed trail systems in the province and people in these cities are keeping fit, without even noticing.

Trails of Greater Moncton, a book by Riverview resident and freelance writer Kate Merlin orients residents and visitors alike in this hiker's paradise. Many of the trails are easy, suitable for anyone with a couple of hours to spare. A few will challenge the adventurous.

A 2001 survey indicated that 98% of Dieppe respondents knew about their community's TransCanada Trail, and of the 80% who had used it, more than half enjoyed its benefits at least once a week. Throughout the three cities, people use the trails vigorously, enjoying nature, keeping fit, and chatting with friends they know and friends they've just met. The TransCanada Trails links all three cities, winding along the banks of the Petitcodiac. It offers a ringside view of the famous Tidal Bore and, at low tide, the river's hauntingly beautiful red mudflats.

All of the trails described in Trails of Greater Moncton are on public land. They include a mixture of groomed trails, wood roads, and rugged footpaths that allow hikers to move instantly from city streets to wild nature, giving hikers the opportunity to view old-growth trees, rare bog plants, and wildlife, ranging from raccoons to coyotes and sometimes a black bear.

Trails of Greater Moncton includes 25 carefully described walks and helpful hints for enjoying a Moncton walkabout. Each trail is accompanied by synoptic information, a map, and photographs, and sidebars on plants, animals, historic sites, and other landmarks. With a Trails-at-a-Glance chart and helpful hints for enjoying a Moncton walkabout, Trails of Greater Moncton is the indispensable companion for walkers, cyclists, and cross-country skiers of all ages and abilities.
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Kate Merlin is an environmentalist and plant scientist who writes articles on popular science for periodicals including Atlantic Business Magazine, Rural Delivery, and the Moncton Times-Transcript. She is a devoted hiker, but, more importantly, she brings a keen eye and the understanding of an expert to all aspects of nature. She honed her knowledge of the Greater Moncton trails and the flora and fauna to be found there while leading school groups, Cubs, Scouts, and Guides on nature hikes throughout the area.


"The walks in this guide are mostly short and snappy, perfect for family outings on the weekend." — Atlantic Books Today