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Summers in St. Andrews

Summers in St. Andrews

192 pages
Published:   June 30, 2006
Non-Fiction  /  Business, Politics & Social Sciences
Paperback:   9780864924568    $24.95

Summertime in late 19th-century St. Andrews was more than a vacation by the sea, it was a lifestyle. "Discovered" by a wealthy few who felt the need for a seaside retreat, the town soon became a haven for the elite seeking respite from the heat of the sweltering cities throughout North America. Luxurious hotels such as the Algonquin, clean air and outstanding resort facilities attracted minor and major nobility, stars of stage and screen, and politicians such as the Fathers of Confederation Sir Leonard Tilly and Sir Charles Tupper, who were joined by the glitterati and scions of "old money" from Canada, the United States and beyond.

Originally published as No Hay Fever and a Railway in 1989, this new edition of Willa Walker's classic volume draws upon archival records and the author's own memories as she lovingly recalls the exceptional little town and its permanent and summertime residents.

With an eye for detail, she describes many of the cottages and homes and the summer society that was established at this quaint seaside community. Updated by her sons Giles, David and Julian, this new volume includes all of Mrs. Walker's original stories, including delightful tales about some of the eccentricities of the summer residents as well as up-to-date information on many of the elegant summer homes.
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Although she grew up in Montreal, Willa Walker spent most of the summers of her youth in St. Andrews, participating in the social and recreational life of this exclusive summer community. She later studied in Paris, and was employed as a postmistress on cruise ships, as a private secretary to Lady Marler during Sir Herbert Marler's term as Canadian ambassador to the US, and as an officer in the Women's Division of the RCAF In 1948, she moved to St. Andrews with her husband, David Walker. Willa Walker is the former chairman of the Charlotte County Museum and the author of several articles on historic homes in New Brunswick's Charlotte County.