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Making Her Mark

Making Her Mark

264 pages
Published:   October 17, 2023
Non-Fiction  /  Art & Architecture
Hardcover:   9781773103181    $60.00
Published by Goose Lane Editions with Art Gallery of Ontario and Baltimore Museum of Art

Winner, Alcuin Society Book Design Awards Second Prize (Prose Illustrated) and IPPY Award Silver Medal (Fine Arts)

Gathering together just over 250 objects, including paintings, prints, scientific illustrations, textiles, sculpture, metalwork and furniture, Making Her Mark illuminates the astonishing diversity and breadth of women's contributions to art of the pre-modern era (c. 1400–1800).

In this important re-examination of early modern European art, an international team of scholars and curators assess the critical concepts that have shaped Western culture’s understanding of what constitutes great art. In its recalibration of gender imbalances, this impressive volume offers an alternative view of the history of European art and sheds light on the collaborative nature of the creation of individual works and the interconnected histories of literature, politics, religion, science, and economics.

Ambitious in its scope, Making Her Mark is a bold corrective to the historical assumption that female artists of the past were rare and that their work was unremarkable. The result is a dynamic introduction to scores of women artists whose names are entirely new and a long-overdue reassessment of the art, culture, and history of early modern Europe.
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Andaleeb Badiee Banta is a specialist in Renaissance and Baroque art of Europe, with a focus on old master works on paper and has had over 20 years of experience working in art museums and galleries. She is the co-author of Lines of Inquiry: Learning from Rembrandt’s Etchings and editor of The Enduring Legacy of Venetian Renaissance Art.

Alexa Greist specializes in Italian Renaissance and Baroque prints and drawings. She has curated exhibitions at the AGO, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Yale University Art Gallery.

Theresa Kutasz Christensen is a researcher and curator who focuses on the history of collecting, women’s roles in the historical art market, and the reuse and reimagination of antiquity in the early modern period.


Winner: Alcuin Society Book Design Awards Second Prize (Prose Illustrated)
Winner: IPPY Award Silver Medal (Fine Arts)