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Glitter and Gloom/Éclat et obscurité

Glitter and Gloom/Éclat et obscurité

Kashetsky documents domestic life, street life, urban landscapes, nature, and the stories of Holocaust survivors in his affecting, meditative work.

Herzl Kashetsky's rich, multi-layered works are deep explorations of the human condition. His meticulously rendered portraits, still lifes, and landscapes are intense explorations of identity and place.

This profusely illustrated book features more than 150 drawings selected from Kashetsky's 119 sketchbooks, ranging from portraits to landscapes, from streetscapes to interiors, from circles to lines to words that fly through the universe.

Accompanying the drawings are essays by art writer and Blake critic Allen Bentley about Kashetsky's use of "the bounding line" as an aesthetic instrument for constructing and deconstructing reality, psychiatrist Ivan Silver about the artist's lifelong work depicting human emotion through facial expression and his varied studies of the human form, and former director and curator of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery Terry Graff on Kashetsky's self-portraits as meditations on mortality.