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The Interloper

The Interloper

181 pages
Published:   April 1, 1995
Fiction  /  Short Story Collections
Paperback:   9780864921550    $14.95

The astonishing stories in The Interloper capture the moment when ambivalence floods the new immigrant's consciousness. Regret and nostalgia take turns overwhelming and being overwhelmed by rosy expectations, and only drastic measures stave off paralysis and ruin.


Rabindranath Maharaj, a Trinidadian teacher and journalist, wrote several of the stories in the Interloper during the year he spent in Fredericton. He now writes and teaches in Toronto.


"Maharaj brings contrasting worlds into bright relief — the new one, the one left behind, and that discordant place where dramatically different cultures meet." — Chronicle Herald

"Dark tales ... enlivened by wit and humour and layered, expressive language." — Quill & Quire