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The Greengrocer's Kitchen

The Greengrocer's Kitchen

189 pages
Published:   May 15, 2001
Paperback:   9780864922892    $24.95

Pete Luckett, Canada's Greengrocer, has transformed produce from an ordinary commodity into the jewel of the shopping basket. His newest cookbook is a guide to the seductive pyramids of luscious fruits that shoppers love to fondle but may not have dared to take home.

The Greengrocer's Kitchen: Fruit and Nuts is the key to buying, storing, and preparing those Edenic temptations. It contains over 150 recipes, as well as tips on every page for choosing the most delectable specimens and keeping them in prime condition.

Fruit eaten raw is sublime; cooked, it's ambrosial. With Cape Gooseberries, simply separate the sections of the husk into wings and dip the berries in melted chocolate, or strut your culinary stuff by creating a sensational Pavlova with Passion Fruit Sauce and Cape Gooseberries. Recipes such as Oriental Apricot Glaze for Salmon and Pork Tagine with Prunes and Apples show the glory of fruit in savoury dishes. Tropical Trail Mix, easy enough for children, and elegant Dried Cranberry and Pistachio Biscotti exploit the natural affinity between dried fruit and nuts.
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Pete Luckett began his career as a barrow boy in Nottingham, England. After many adventures, he won the 1999 Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers National Gold Award for his flagship market, Pete's Frootique, in Bedford, Nova Scotia.


"Some people are good cooks and some people are good teachers. Pete Luckett is that rare combination: a good cook who is good at teaching others how to cook ... With this cookbook, you can confidently take on new recipes or new takes on old favourites ... he has boundless energy when it comes to encouraging people to try new things, and that attitude carries over to this fabulous new book." — Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal