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The Glassblowers
The Glassblowers

The Glassblowers

104 pages
Published:   February 12, 2010
Paperback:   9780864925404    $17.95

George Sipos hears the frog song at two in the morning and wonders if it is passion that drives it or the loneliness of spring. In another poem, the wet leaves of fall are described in language that cuts two ways: "I work the rake, / you the wheelbarrow. when we get tired we will change."

With quiet humour, he writes of nature, the land, and the tasks of an ordinary day. Alive with sublety, The Glassblowers quietly turns images and metaphors the way we might turn a small stone between our thumb and fingers to see its facets and colours.
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Born in Budapest and raised in London, Ontario, George Sipos spent over a decade as a teacher in Prince George, British Columbia. For many years, he ran Mosquito Books, a store where poets always felt at home. Sipos now manages the Prince George Symphony Orchestra.


"Sipos doesn't have much truck with romanticization, and is quite content to poke fun at our pretensions to the sublime ... Although there are points in the book at which the interiority of perspective does begin to feel insular, more often Sipos redeems these quiet meditations by looking out and beyond the self. Most readers will find themselves more than satisfied with the adroit intellect and sensual richness of these poems, which generate 'a heat which draws the mind out beyond the window' of perception." — Globe and Mail

"The essence of Sipos's work is its honouring of evanescence, its surprising alloy of grief and gratitude, its light hand, its astute eye." — Jan Zwicky

"We need more writers turning mind and ear to the world's 'dark solidity.' George Sipos attends 'the calendar of the fields' through squall and leaf-fall and eclipse, offering in The Glassblowers a glittering assemblage, fragments of music and memory." — Marlene Cookshaw