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Safe and Sound (eBOOK)

Safe and Sound (eBOOK)

84 pages
Published:   September 30, 2011
ePub:   9780864925855    $9.95

Safe and Sound has two purposes: to help people avoid getting lost in the woods in the first place and to enable those who are lost to emerge unscathed. The book tells what to take in a ready pack and why, how to read a map and compass, how hunters can separate yet keep in touch, and how not to be disabled by a change in the weather or a minor accident. It also tells how to remain safe and sound until help arrives.


In 35 years as a Mountie, Gordon Snow participated in over 200 searches for lost people, supervising over 50 of them. In 1984, he became the RCMP ground search and rescue coordinator for New Brunswick, and, after retiring in 1992, he worked to train others in search and rescue techniques.