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The Second Trial of Dennis Oland (Week Two)

Highlights from the second week of Dennis Oland's second trial from CBC reporter Bobbi-Jean MacKinnon, author of Shadow of Doubt.

Tuesday January 15th
Sgt. Mark Smith, the head of the Saint John Police Force's Forensic Unit, testifies the national lab in Ottawa rejected his initial request because he had too many exhibits and he wanted the results too soon. Read more here.

Wednesday January 16th
The head of the Saint John Police Force's forensic identification section Sgt. Mark Smith admits he could have done more to protect the Richard Oland homicide scene from possible contamination. Read more here.

Thursday January 17th
Sgt. Mark Smith agrees today under cross-examination by Oland's defence that the red smear could be a palm print or fingerprint in blood, but the paper, found on the victim's desk, was never seized or tested. Read more here.

Friday January 18th
Sgt. Mark Smith admits he kept silent about catching the former deputy chief and another officer in the bloody Richard Oland homicide scene on July 7th, 2011, prior to before finishing up processing the scene for evidence. Read more here




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