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The Rest is Silence 101

Scott Fotheringham will be attending a book launch in Kingston on Monday April 22 to promote the recently released paperback copy of The Rest is Silence and we wanted to celebrate by listing some of the achievements and reviews!


Did you know The Rest is Silence was shortlisted for three awards? These include the First Novel Award, the Jim Connors Dartmouth Book Award, and the Ottawa Book Award. Not to mention the manuscript won the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia H.R. (Bill) Percy Prize in 2009.


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“If such a thing could be said to specifically exist, this is dystopian CanLit at its finest, intimate yet epic; it's a tough combination to pull off, but Fotheringham does it incredibly well.”


The Globe and Mail


The Rest Is Silence is a curious hybrid of a novel, a dual-track eco-fantasy with its narrative feet planted in two very different worlds.”


Quill & Quire


“It’s not a heart-warming novel as it is more a heart-wrenching one, told with an intelligence, candour, and subdued passion that will often realize the height of its magic in its complex issues, its depth of feeling, its shocking plot, and passionate environmental activism.”


The Bibliotaphe Closet


“The prose in this novel is incredibly rich. Fotheringham’s descriptions of the Nova Scotia countryside are sheer poetry.”


Ottawa Magazine


“Fotheringham offers at least one subject for each bibliophile to personally connect with. Silence is most triumphant when an ultimately unexpected, climactic surprise is revealed, leading one to stop and think back to the pages already read.”


Atlantic Books Today


Don’t forget to check out this exclusive interview with Scott Fotheringham!


Scott Fotheringham will be at Novel idea Bookstore in Kingston on Monday, April 22. Don’t forget to RSVP on the Facebook event page.

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