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Tagged "poems"

Poetry Friday: "Minus 20" by Gary Geddes

We have a dual purpose behind our choice for today's Poetry Friday entry. First, we are celebrating Gary Geddes' recent win of the 2018 Freedom to Read Award. Geddes has written/edited over 40 books of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction — including, of course, his six collections with Goose Lane — and this recognition of a body of work that promotes free expression is another feather in a cap very much laden with them.

Secondly: while much of his 1998 collection Flying Blind is a poetic treatise on Israeli-Palestinian relations, we're more concerned with another of his poems, one that has much in common with our current situation, viz.: we're trapped in yet another Atlantic Canada blizzard.  

With that all said, let us take a moment, sit back, and let Gary Geddes guide us through the storm.

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Poetry Friday: "Winter" by Charmaine Cadeau

What You Used to Wear, Charmaine CadeauDid you know there was an Olympics going on right now? A winter Olympics? We know, we were surprised too! Where was the warning? Why did no one tell us? 

Anyhootles, for Poetry Friday, we thought we'd get somewhat in the spirit of the snowy sporting events going on right now in South Korea with an on-topic poem. However, the closest we could come was "not very close."

That said, please enjoy Charmaine Cadeau's haunting "Winter" from her 2004 collection What You Used to Wear.

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Poetry Friday: "Transformations" by John Reibetanz

1. Hatchling

  When you change from your human shell
to slip into killer whale, shark, coho, 
    slow rotation won’t do.

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