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Tagged "Peter Richardson"

Poetry Friday: "Cloud Puffs above a Ridge-top Barbecue Grill" by Peter Richardson

Summertime! Outdoor dining! Juicy burgers! Vegan hot dogs! Ketchup and mustard everywhere!

Let's face it, we're in the middle of another heat wave, so let us embrace it with some eating of foods in the outdoors.

So, this Poetry Friday, a'cooking we will go with Peter Richardson's "Cloud Puffs above a Ridge-top Barbecue Grill" (from Bit Parts for Fools).

And yes, we've got beer for everyone this time. 

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Poetry Friday: "Listening to a Dried-out Lena While Watching Harold Lloyd Hang from a Clock Face at The Mayfair"

Thanks for meeting me at the bus station in the snow, Lou.
Who doesn't like silent films? Each frame is a small shrine.
But this store clock scene has me bottomed out for tonight.
Did you know that man lot half of his right hand in 1920
when a studio prop exploded? Nearly ended his career.  
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