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Tagged "historical fiction"

Winnipeg Author Michael Kaan’s THE WATER BEETLES Wins Two Manitoba Book Awards, Including McNally Robinson Book of the Year Award

On  Friday, June 15, 2018, at the 30th annual Manitoba Book Awards gala in Winnipeg, Michael Kaan was announced the winner of the Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction and the McNally Robinson Book of the Year for his debut novel, The Water Beetles.
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Canadian Author Michael Kaan Selected for Walter Scott Prize Academy’s 2018 ‘Recommended’ List

Winnipeg author Michael Kaan has been selected for the Walter Scott Prize Academy’s list of twenty recommended historical novels published in the last year across the UK, Ireland, and Commonwealth countries.  His debut novel, The Water Beetles, is one of four Canadian novels that made the list.
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The Hunter and the Wild Girl Awarded City of Victoria Butler Book Prize

Pauline Holdstock was awarded the 2016 Victoria Butler Book Prize last evening for her novel The Hunter and the Wild Girl. Set against the backdrop of nineteenth-century France, Holdstock’s haunting tale of loss and redemption explores the delicate coexistence between a recluse and a feral child on an abandoned estate. The book was published to wide critical acclaim in 2015.

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The Hunter and the Wild Girl Named Finalist for City of Victoria Butler Book Prize

The finalists for the 2016 Victoria Butler Book Prize were announced yesterday in Victoria. Celebrating thirteen years of literary excellence, the award is bestowed annually to authors of fiction, non-fiction, or poetry from the Greater Victoria area.

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An excerpt from Michelle Butler Hallet's This Marlowe

Coins fell on his face. Dreaming of Tom’s kisses, he twitched. Let me sleep.

Kit lay on his back, on a straw tick and wooden pallet, upturned palms framing his head. Coarse brown hair, threaded with grey like his beard, straggled past his shoulders from beneath a snug woollen cap, and the blue circles under his eyes reached his cheekbones. He wore clothes for winter, the fabric fraying and holed: decrepit hose and slop breeches, and, beneath a leather jerkin, three layered shirts...

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