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Interview with Pauline Holdstock, author of The Hunter and the Wild Girl

After a successful hardcover run, Goose Lane Editions is pleased to have recently released the paperback edition of Pauline Holdstock's acclaimed, award-winning 2017 novel The Hunter and the Wild Girl!

While she is currently residing in parts unknown, we managed to reach Ms. Holdstock for a brief email exchange on her novels, her writing process, and what may be coming soon from the prodigiously talented author.

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Celebrate Love Day with Goose Lane books!

Ah, Valentine's Day! The day of romance, love, passion, and all those other Hallmark Card-related, sitcom-enforced subjects! Love someone today, or else!

We kid, obviously. It's very pleasant indeed to take one day a year and devote it to love.

But love is a complicated topic, and not all love is love, if you take our meaning.


Then please take a perusal of this brief list of Goose Lane titles that explore all aspects of that mysterious, messy emotion we call 'love.' And when we say messy, we mean messy. After all, Douglas Glover is on the list twice.

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The MoMA Presents: Aloha Wanderwell, The World’s Most Widely Traveled Woman

This Saturday, January 27, 2018, an illustrated lecture about Aloha Wanderwell’s dramatic life and fabulous adventures will happen in New York at the Museum of Modern Arts’ international festival of newly preserved films, “To Save and Project.”
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Poetry Friday: "Weather Report" by George Sipos

If you aren't paying attention to the weather, we Maritimers are currently being crushed by a winter storm of epic proportions. Luckily, we Maritimers are made of the stuff of legends. Thus, Poetry Friday remains in full force. Take that, climate!
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Poetry Friday: "Decaf" by Sharon McCartney

For Poetry Friday, we've decided to calm down after an emotional week with some decaf, courtesy of Sharon McCartney. "Decaf," from for and against, took second place in Prairie Fire’s Bliss Carman Poetry Competition in 2005, and was a finalist in Arc’s Poem of the Year Contest in 2004.
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