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Tagged "Coastlines"

Poetry Friday: "On Sundays in Summer" by Kay Smith

It's SUMMER! OFFICIALLY! Goodbye, shoes! Hello, sandals!
Not in the office, you say? Very well. But we'll celebrate anyway!
To kick off summer, this Poetry Friday's selection is a slice of sun-dappled nostalgia, a trip back to summers past.
Please enjoy Kay Smith's "On Sundays in Summer" (from Coastlines: The Poetry of Atlantic Canada).
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Poetry Friday: "Lynx" by Alan R. Wilson

Today, for Poetry Friday, we're all about the big cats!

The lynx is not the only point of Alan R. Wilson's "Lynx" (as published in the anthology Coastlines: The Poetry of Atlantic Canada). However, as this is the Internet, it behooves us to stress as many cat-related qualities as are possible.

These are the rules of the Internet, and we must obey them.

The Internet is made of cats, after all.

Please enjoy.

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