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Pauline Holdstock's THE HUNTER AND THE WILD GIRL, now in paperback!

Out in stores now, the paperback edition of Pauline Holdstock's acclaimed, award-winning novel The Hunter and the Wild Girl! Don't miss out on reading the novel The National Post called "a thorough examination of what, exactly, it means to be a person," and The Globe & Mail hailed as "resonant and troubling, like all good fairy tales."


WITH A SHRIEK of splintering boards, the girl breaks into daylight and stands blinded, panting, sucking air as if it were a great hot soup, her chest heaving. Three breaths, harsh as the scrape of wood on stone — and then she is running, naked limbs a hieroglyph in motion across the scrubby field beside the house she had not known was there, through the alarmed and protesting sheep, running, leaping, until she reaches the cloudy cover of an olive grove where she draws a breath and, breakneck, reckless, races on. Desperate, unfledged harpy. No destination, no thought, only ‘away.’ Away from the darkness of the hovel and its reek, away from the old man and his snarling dog.

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The MoMA Presents: Aloha Wanderwell, The World’s Most Widely Traveled Woman

This Saturday, January 27, 2018, an illustrated lecture about Aloha Wanderwell’s dramatic life and fabulous adventures will happen in New York at the Museum of Modern Arts’ international festival of newly preserved films, “To Save and Project.”
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The Bathurst Tragedy: 10 Years Later

Ten years ago today, seven teenagers with the Bathurst High School basketball team and their coach's wife died instantly when their school van, just minutes from their homes on their way back from a game in Moncton, collided with a transport truck during a snowstorm. The impact shattered the lives of eight families and their community, and it continues to resonate across the country today.
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Who's Reading What? with Darryl Whetter

I certainly don’t feel that summer reading is or should be ‘lighter’ than other reading, though I have been seasonally-inspired in the last few years to prefer a good door-stopping novel from late November into December as we Canadians watch the sunlight slink away. Reading should always be pleasurable, not just in summer. Although generally suspect of nostalgia, I do have one regret about summer reading (or, more properly, its demise). Our collective shift into absolutely ubiquitous wireless coverage and cellphone use means that only those wealthy or rural enough to enjoy physical isolation can any longer associate reading on a beach or dock with just the sounds of water, ice cubes and pages turning. 
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The Truths (and Myths) of Summer Reading

For many of us, vacations are the only time we get to truly sit back and devour a novel whole. While the importance of summer reading for children has been well documented, never discount how vital it is that we adults also find ourselves the time to kick back and immerse ourselves in someone else's written world.

But what to read when the days are hot and (seemingly) limitless hours of leisure stretch out before you? The conventional answer appears to be along the lines of "Something easy that dulls the senses and fogs the mind" (all opinions mine, BTW, and yes, I'm editorializing with a severe bias here).

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