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Shop Local for Books

The joys of shopping local are especially apparent these days. With ongoing social distancing regulations, there is just something special about walking into your local bakery or visiting your local gallery. As doors begin to open and we find ourselves able to peruse the shelves of our favourite independent bookstores, a feeling of normalcy returns. They have always been a place to find solace; a place to lose yourself within pages and pages of stories; a home to gather in and meet likeminded readers. We are incredible grateful for the part they play in our community — bookstores, and their books.

To celebrate our indie bookstores and to inspire readers to explore books by local authors, bookstores, publishers, and literary organizations across New Brunswick are coming together to launch the first ever I’m buying an NB book! Day on Saturday, September 19th.

In the spirit of I’m buying an NB book! Day, New Brunswickers are encouraged to go to their local bookstores, in person or online, and buy a book by an NB author. Readers online can share their favourite local books and use the hashtags #September19, #myNBbook, and #IReadLocal.

Since New Brunswick is home to many rich and diverse stories, we have curated a collection of our NB-authored books. Browse the collection to get inspired by all that New Brunswick has to offer. Including art books like John Leroux’s The Lost City; fiction like Riel Nason’s All the Things We Leave Behind; poetry like Lynn Davies’s how the gods pour tea; and nonfiction like Philip Lee’s Restigouche — opening our eyes to a place we thought that we knew — NB books cover a wide range of topics. In Fredericton, we couldn’t be happier to have Westminster Books as our local bookstore, so why not jot down a few titles and grab your books there? You’ll find plenty from our New Brunswick collection, as well as among many of the other local bookstores across New Brunswick.

No matter where you are or where you’re from, we hope you’ll take a moment to find the local authors and bookstores in your area and show them some love. It feels good to support local.

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